Does cell snoop work?

That is the million dollar question I am asked over over again. Cell snoop is one of the most effective remote cell phone spy programs that exists which is evident by the policies of the cell snoop organization which include five years of technical support, 30 days moneyback guarantee if for any reason cell snoop does not perform as promised, in addition to the fact that cell snoop has been in business since 2009 selling 100 were more of its byproduct on a daily basis with only about one in 10 sales resulting in a return or refund.

So the answer to your question does cell snoop work the answer is a definitive yes cell snoop works terrifically and the best part is cell snoop has all the advanced cell phone spying features most phone spy software have and then some including

  1. spy on all calls.
  2. spy on all text messages.
  3. spy on all photos captured by the phone.
  4. see everyone in the cell phone’s contact list.
  5. listen to live in progress phone conversations.
  6. send a cell snoop special SMS command to activate the cell phones mouthpiece for microphone allowing you to hear everything going on within 20 or 30 feet of where that cell phone is.
  7. a 130 page PDF file with all kinds of tips and tricks for catching a cheating spouse.
  8. a computer spy.
  9. a 30 page PDF file with all kinds of techniques for finding out if someone is lying using the same method used by FBI and high-powered law enforcement.
  10. the 30 page PDF file with all kinds of information about different ways to spy on people way beyond just cell phone spying.

You get all this with the cell snoop zip file package download for a one time price (no monthly or recurring fees whatsoever) of $97.

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I have been intricately involved in the cell spy business now for more than a year, full-time, as I am the owner of many cell phone spyware websites including And I can honestly say without reservation no type of phone spy gets a worse bad wrap than remote cell phone spyware. The two most well-known and most famous remote cell phone spyware programs are cell snoop and Cell Control. For some reason when it comes to anything on the Internet people are quick to jump and accuse a product of being a scam. I found this out because one day when I had nothing better to do I spent some time on Google typing in famous product names and famous companies followed by the word scam just to see what would come up. And the one thing I learned is almost every company out there has reports against them for being a scam. If you don’t believe me try it yourself open up your web browser right now and go to Google and type in things like Bowflex scam or try H&R block scam. Yes believe it or not both of those companies/products have reports against them for being a scam! I think the reason for this phenomenon is a lack of interpersonal communication between the customer and the company when doing business online. In other words when you order a product online for example like cell snoop remote phone spy if you have questions about the product after purchasing it you won’t get immediate answers. Usually have to wait for the support team to respond back via e-mail. Where as if you purchase something at Walmart if you have a question or problem you simply pick up the phone and make a phone call and speak to somebody right away. I think this dissidence leads people to become overly worried or paranoid if support doesn’t get back to them within 20 min. and out of frustration they’ll just jump online and accuse something of being a scam. I guess this activity helps make them feel better about the whole thing. When wanting to find out if something online as a scam I have a very simple and effective system I personally use. I sort of made up this anti-scam technique and it’s based upon my long-time experience with making webpages and constructing websites. I know what to look for and if you want to know if any online product including a remote phone spy like cell snoop or cell controlis a scam simply do the following things:

  • Go to Google and type in whois. You will be shown a list of whois database websites. A who is website is a website where you can enter in the web address of any company and the database will return back valuable information like when the website first one online which tells you how long they have been online (subtract today’s date from the date the website first went online). You will also be able to see when the domain expires. Now this does not mean that on that date the website is going to go out of business it just means that by that date the website has to renew its domain name. So if you’re looking for a product online that’s a scam or you’re looking to avoid a product online is a scam don’t be involved with the website that is recently only become life or going online. For your information cell snoop has been online since 2009. If cell snoop was a scam they certainly would not plan to be in business this long nor would they still be online and doing business this long.
  • Look closely at the online products money back guarantee. An online written moneyback guarantee is essentially a legal document that binds that company to that guarantee. Cell snoop remote spy comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Look closely at the online products technical support or more specifically doesn’t have technical support and what kind of technical support. You see a company that has a good product and they know they have a good product they are going to bend over backwards with their technical support because they know technical support will rarely be required of their customers because their product is so good. Cell snoop comes with five years free technical support as well as free upgrades for the cell snoop software during that five-year period.

Is cell snoop a scam? Is cell snoop a ripoff?

I would have to definitely say absolutely not. Considering all the spy features as well as bonus products included in the cell snoop download for price of just $97 I would have to say if you are interested in getting a good cell phone spy at a low price with no recurring monthly fees don’t wait long as I’d be very surprised at that price does not skyrocket soon.

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CellSnoop remote cell phone spy software.

Cell Snoop

  • Product: cell snoop remote phone spy.
  • Website:
  • Online since: 2009
  • Cell Snoop price: $97
  • Cell Snoop satisfaction guarantee: 90 days money back.
  • Cell Snoop technical support: 5 years.
  • Cell Snoop upgrades: 5 years free upgrades.
  • Cell Snoop bonus items: PC spy, how to catch cheating spouse, how to detect deceit in people, spy gadgets and surveillance techniques.

CellSnoop is one of the most popular remote cell phone spy software programs there is for a variety of reasons.

  • CellSnoop does not need to be installed to the target mobile phone.
  • CellSnoop has no recurring fees at any time which is very uncommon for cell phone spy software.
  • CellSnoop can be used to spy on an unlimited number of mobile devices. Also very uncommon for cell phone spyware.
  • CellSnoop has spy features that rival the most expensive cell phone spy apps like Flexispy which costs over $300 for a single year.

Cell Snoop is a remote cell phone spy. The other type of phone spy is conventional phone spy. Conventional phone spy include such spy programs as Spybubble, Mobilespy, Flexispy, and Mobistealth. Although these are all very powerful mobile device surveillance applications convetional spy software come with a host of serious limitations that remote cell phone spy does not. Remote cell phone spy including:


CellSnoop comes with a full 90 day money guarantee of satisfaction. If at any time you decide CellSnoop is not for you or is not what you hoped for in a cell phone spy simply return it for a full refund.


Seems to becoming popular for people to say things are a scam online (would you believe I typed in “bowflex scam” into google and there are actually people saying this workout machine is a scam LOL.) CellSnoop is definitely not a scam for a variety of reasons.

Cell Snoop has registered their domain name way back in 2009. Any online product that is a scam would certainly not planning on sticking around that long and would not be around that long.
Cell Snoop has a full money back guarantee of satisfaction plainly stated and clearly stated on their website.
CellSnoop comes with a full 5 years of technical support.


If you are interested in finding out more about CellSnoop on your own here are some websites that also review CellSnoop.

End Cell Snoop Review.

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